Health Technology

Generally tecnhology accepantance and aopdtion is determinated by age and perception of population. For example, as population aging is rapidly increasing the need for health services will radically rise in the near future.
With age the population experience increased limitations in executing and participations on daily activities, low level of physical activity, decreased social activity, functional and cognitive impairment and chronic diseases, while they naturally would like to maintain autonomy as well as privacy. 
For the society to feasibly cope with this problem on an economically efficient manner, given the dimension of the health services capability required to provide services, technology has a big role to play.
Technology is a common constituent of modern life. In many tasks it is, at least, difficult to imagine services not incorporating technology, nor users not using it.
Some salient needs in this area are:
  • Technology Adoption and Use
  • Factors influencing acceptance of technology
  • Design and develop instruments and prototypes to conduct interventions and data analysis
  • Development of principles, heuristics, and concepts to better understand how new technology may have higher chances to be adopted