The Center for Innovation and Applied Research (CEININA), created in 2015, is a platform aiming at facilitating collaboration among peer researchers from national and international research institutions; developing/maintaining alliances with other centers, universities, and government agencies, while conducting applied research to solve or mitigate problems with high impact on society, such as large scale disasters and critical health conditions.

Ceinina provides research and development capability for complex and challenging problems faced by society, which require deep understanding, skillful decision-making, creative innovation, and strong collaboration among all involved stakeholders. 


Board of Directors

Guillermo vera
Founder, President

Oriel Herrera
Treasury Manager

Claudia Hernandez


Researchers / Collaborators

Guillermo vera
Complex system & technology

Oriel Herrera
Software, IT & education

Daniel López
Biology & education

Gerardo Villalobos Romo
Technology & media