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The number of reported disaster has increased over the last years, causing social, economic and political impact / damage with consequences and disturbance to social system and life. In this context an effective and efficient decision- making process is a critical component for organizations response to benefit to loss-reduction measures. However, decision making during disasters events and under conditions of uncertainty, knowledge incomplete and cascading effects is inadequate and contribute to catastrophic incidents. Therefore, the performance of skill and abilities of responsible roles as experts and decision maker is very important. This preliminary effort of research presents an effort to advance the understand and improvement of decision making conducted during response to natural disasters, based on video game technology, for conditions under incomplete information and cascading effects are present.

Earthquakes have a profound social and economic impact when they hit densely populated urban areas. Early and Quick Safety and Structural Stability Assessment of Critical Physical Infrastructure, affected by large-scale disasters such as earthquakes, is a key task that determines potential outcomes of further activities like urban search and rescue, and recovery of the urban area. This task needs to be conducted as efficient, effective, and consistent as possible. This preliminary and exploratory effort aims to understand the role that technology may play in improving assessment of critical physical infrastructure (CPI) affected by disasters, through a video game-based simulator. Preliminary results include validation from subject matter experts from the Chilean Department of Transportation (MOP Academy) and are encouraging for the development of a national standard capability on conducting assessment of CPI affected by disasters.